Protecting a Free and Open Internet

Everyone deserves the right to access a free and open Internet. We believe in core Net Neutrality principles, a dire need for Copyright reform, and initiatives to force Internet Service Providers and major corporations to be transparent with their tracking and encroachments on digital privacy.

Protecting Personal and Small Business Interests

We offer consulting services for businesses and individuals looking to leverage technology in their endeavors. We can also help protect you or your business from growing threats and environmental challenges.

Technology Consulting

Get help with finding the right tools for the job. We connect small businesses and non-profits with the right hardware and software to solve business challenges.

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Digital Marketing

Find your audience online. We build ethical campaigns reaching organic audiences interested in the products and/or services of our clients.

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Digital Security

Find out just how secure your business is. We conduct audits to help our partners protect themselves against emerging threats online. Protect your business today.

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Get Educated on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is an issue that affects us all whether we realize it or not. An open Internet provides everyone with access to information that can enrich their lives and allow them to make better decisions. Restricting access to the information can put impoverished or otherwise restricted populations at a major disadvantage in society.

A Plymouth, IN Business

53 Technologic is founded in and based in Plymouth, Indiana. Samuel Powers has been helping businesses in and around the area understand ongoing challenges and dangers lurking the Internet and how corporate lobbying can negatively impact their ability to compete online.

Looking for advice? Get it directly from the source.

Schedule a free consultation. We do not charge for our time spent consulting without first clearing it with each customer. We can help guide you in the right direction for free, or connect you with the right solution for a modest fee. Accrue no charges without expressly agreeing to them.